Chicaga Bauer is an author, public speaker, practical Bible teacher, and President of Raising InTruth, LLC. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sportsmedicine: Wellness & Health Promotion, as well as, an Associate degree in Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Communication from Mercyhurst University.

Faith has always has been important to her, and she has spent over 20 years in study, but most importantly, she has a passion, a purpose, and a mission to help people give children of all ages a foundation of courage, confidence, and clarity of their life’s purpose.

Chicaga loves to write and share her positive, inspirational stories, insights, and “Life Lessons.” She lives in Pennsylvania and is happily married with two amazing sons, who are her inspirations.

Together, you and Chicaga can make a positive impact in the world by positively impacting our children.

Invite your friends and family to join the community that wants to “Encourage and Equip Kids for Their Successful Life journey.

Chicaga Bauer